DD Allen Journal

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C3 front shot with headlights on

The time’s come to get a load of new shots done. So I’m down by a beautiful lake in the New Forest with the ace photographer Rachel DiBiaso.
When I started the new music project, I wanted to give you all songs where it all feels raw, honest, and real. 
So staged shots in a studio with candelabras or neon lights weren’t right. Instead, I wanted something more authentic.
I’m a car nut, mainly classics. And when Kim and Trev were kind enough to hire me Frank and Betty, I was made up.

1950s Ford Pickup photo in the woods

Frank’s a 1950s Ford pickup. The kind of thing you’d imagine James Dean driving out to a ranch somewhere in Colorado.

Betty’s a 1980 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, a proper muscle car.

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C3 rear shot

But it’s more than big engines and horsepower with me.
It’s partly about the sense of time passing. I imagine the people that would have driven these cars over the years. The things they did, the places they went, first loves, break ups, all that stuff.
It’s also about the art, where somebody probably drew the Stingray’s lines while watching big California waves rolling into a sunkissed beach. 
And it’s funny. I met an art illustrator on the shoot. She was renting a cabin by the lake. The lady takes photos of engineering like boat propellers and uses symmetry to inspire her nature drawings. She’s big on the connection between nature and engineering. She was fascinated by the lines on the cars. And we talked about carburetter designs for ages.
So we got some great shots. Especially as twilight set in. You’ll see some images popping up on my socials and others on new cover art designs. 
If you’re into your classic cars, or any kind of design, send me some pics or tag me in a social post. I’d love to see what you’re into.
And if you need a photographer for a creative shoot, event or wedding, please check out Rachel DiBiasso's Facebook.

Take it easy.