Singer-songwriter DD Allen sitting in a cabin in the woods

From childhood tragedy and anti-school rebellion to storytelling troubadour, DD Allen's journey is an emotionally-charged story of determination over defeat.
You can feel it in the music, where conflict and resolution in every line hint at a need to find solace in the soul of the songs.
Every performance is drenched in octane-fuelled escapism. Think Ryan Adams on speed dial to The Killers, with a voice that cuts through the mainstream like a 60s Dylan tearing down Highway 61.

“DD Allen has a brilliant voice. It harks back to the period of great charismatic singers such as Dylan, Van Morrison, Neil Young and Leon Russell — those singers that you only needed to hear a few lines to know who they are.”

Stuart Epps ( Elton John, Robbie Williams, Led Zepplin)

Starting as a solo artist, Allen burst onto the music scene with early support at the BIC for James Blunt. 

There’s something exciting about DD Allen’s music. Sort of a cross between Jake Bugg and Neil Young with a great deal of honesty in his lyrics.

James Blunt

Moved by the opportunity and keen to revisit his early influences, Allen quickly found a home in the camaraderie of bandmates.
From here came a succession of singles as he experimented with perpetually evolving sounds, styles and textures.
Sold-out shows, a string of festival appearances, and European support for Vintage Trouble quickly followed.
In his endlessly restless, self-funded, self-releasing odyssey, the forthcoming debut EP ‘Rebel Hero’ represents the latest stop on DD Allen’s rock and roll highway.
And now, DD Allen returns for his first hometown show in three years to perform vital tracks from the record.
Here, he takes listeners on a journey across life’s most immersive chapters:

I felt like I needed to make a record for the rebels, romantics, and the wild and free. Where it all feels raw, honest, and real.

DD Allen