Dinger-songwriter DD Allen sitting in a cabin in the woods

From childhood tragedy to anti-school rebellion and storytelling troubadour, DD Allen's journey is an emotionally-fuelled challenge of determination over defeat. 
You can feel it in the music: a shyness and vulnerability hint at a need to find solace in the soul of the songs. 
His sound is a contemporary antithesis of any known genre. But you’ll hear influences from Ryan Adams, The Killers, Bob Dylan and Neil Young. 
The songwriting dials in the attention with fervour-filled stories of people, places, and things that seem relevant to our world.
And his electrifying live performances are responsible for sold-out shows, main stage festival appearances, and support slots for James Blunt and Vintage Trouble.
In his endlessly restless self-releasing odyssey, DD Allen circles back to where it all started by teaming up again with music producer Mark Tucker (Jethro Tull, PJ Harvey, Portishead) on the 2023 scheduled debut EP, Rebel Hero.
Here, he takes listeners on a journey of conflict and resolution across life’s most immersive chapters.
There’s a familiar lyrical tapestry to the recordings:
 “In my head, I hear the poets when I write, but I see the richness of a Tarantino movie”, Allen claims.
From the angst-filled escapism of the lead single Rebel Hero to the brutally honest soul-searching Born to Love You, there’s a sense that Allen sees life as anything but a straight road.
And in Green Room, written as a gesture to his producer, DD Allen hints that there’s no such thing as a missed opportunity. Everything good comes in the end, especially when fate lends a hand.
The 6-track debut EP Rebel Hero is scheduled for release early in 2023.