English singer-songwriter, DD Allen

English singer-songwriter DD Allen’s undeniable voice and heartfelt lyrics have earned widespread recognition on both sides of the Atlantic. 

His rousing live performances are responsible for sold-out shows, a string of UK festival appearances, and a 2019 European support for LA-based funked-up rock and rollers Vintage Trouble.
But it’s DD Allen’s emotive storytelling that garners widespread attention. In the antithesis of musical cliche, he waxes lyrical about people, places and situations with consummate metaphorical artistry.
“Imagination is incredibly powerful”, muses Allen. “You can take the lyrics of a song and turn it into something incredibly personal. As a listener, nobody else sees what you see in your mind. You own the song.”
Born in Bournemouth on England’s south coast, DD Allen emerged on his local scene in 2014 performing songs written with an equal dose of lyrical dexterity and Dylanesque metaphor.
He made an immediate impact and quickly found an unlikely ally in James Blunt: “There’s something exciting about the music of DD Allen — sort of a cross between Jake Bugg and Neil Young with a great deal of honesty in his lyrics”.
After supporting Blunt on the Bournemouth leg of the 2014/2015 Moon Landing Tour, the media were quick to highlight Allen’s lyrical virtues. “A songwriter in the mould of Dylan and Neil Young, DD Allen really is that good”, claimed Louder Than War.
Yet despite the early recognition as a solo artist, Allen quickly grew restless and went electric in 2015.
His debut single ‘Just Like The Old Days’ (Oct 2016) arrived with all the energetic intent of a Killer’s stadium anthem and found immediate support from Indie Shuffle.
The sophomore release ‘Rebecca’s Curse’ (Jun 2017) premiered on Atwood Magazine, striving to carve out its own space and rise above the mainstream by emerging as a subtle and poignant statement to isolation and despair. 
Allen’s 3rd single, ‘Never Felt So Far From You’ (Feb 2018), saw a brief excursion into Americana and placement on Spotify’s official Fresh Finds playlist.
Continuing to find favour with an audience intrigued by Allen’s persistent reinvention, 2019 saw a return to the singers early rock guitar influences with a 2-track EP release called Bad Love.
The same-titled lead single served as a homage to The Rolling Stones early Exile on Main Street period, while ‘Just a Little More’ saw a nod to the influences of heartland rock’s finest with a rousing sing-along chorus: “On the streets tonight, the songs all call your name”.
But in all of this, lay a hint that DD Allen is an artist perpetually evolving his sound. 
After teaming up with internationally acclaimed composer, keyboardist and pianist Isaac Aryee in 2019, DD Allen’s 2020 releases promise melodies that sweep effortlessly between chugging guitar verses and soaring choruses rich in overdriven guitars, synth and piano.

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