Singer-songwriter DD Allen sitting in a cabin in the woods

From childhood tragedy and anti-school rebellion to storytelling troubadour, DD Allen's journey is an emotionally charged story of determination over defeat.
You can feel it in the music — where conflict and resolution hint at a need to find solace in the soul of the songs.
There’s an Odyssey in every storyline and a blindside in every verse. Switch off for a second and you’ll miss the magic. But give these songs your attention and the journey rewards you with an incredible sense of relatability.
The influences are clear to hear. And from Bob Dylan to Neil Young and The War On Drugs to Bruce Springsteen, there’s a hint that DD Allen could have been born on either side of the Atlantic.

“DD Allen has a brilliant voice. It harks back to the period of great charismatic singers such as Dylan, Van Morrison, Neil Young and Leon Russell — those singers that you only needed to hear a few lines to know who they are.”

Stuart Epps ( Elton John, Robbie Williams, Led Zepplin)

His live shows are equally enthralling: “The band are world-class, and DD is the jewel in the crown”, cites music promoter Matt Black. “Oozing confidence and direction, DD Allen is the real deal with an awesome stage presence”, hails The Echo.
But it’s the eagerly awaited debut EP ‘Rebel Hero’ that could quickly turn 2024 into DD Allen’s breakout year.
This is DD Allen’s vision to bring storytelling back to popular music with a visceral body of work that reflects the most vital stages in the songwriter's life. It’s how Allen sees the world and why everything we experience in it matters. 
Each song represents a theme that DD Allen believes “grounds us, binds and helps us feel connected”: Freedom, Love, Camaraderie, Hope and Nostalgia.
The new songs now have a deeper purpose, and there are no constraints. There are indie anthems for the wild and free and heartfelt ballads for the romantics. This is music for thinkers.

There’s something exciting about DD Allen’s music. Sort of a cross between Jake Bugg and Neil Young with a great deal of honesty in his lyrics.

James Blunt

The new single ‘Born To Love You’ lands on 18 Aug 2023. The debut EP ‘Rebel Hero’ arrives in spring 2024, along with live shows in Bournemouth, Southampton, Bristol, Portsmouth and London.