Singer-songwriter DD Allen sitting in a cabin in the woods

After teasing two new tracks in 2023, DD Allen’s highly anticipated debut EP ‘Rebel Hero’ is set for worldwide release on 24 May 2024.
Five introspectively original storylines and an admiring nod to Bob Dylan with a cover of ‘Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right’ sees the contemporary singer-songwriter sweep through freedom, love, respect, camaraderie, hope and nostalgia as the experiences in life he believes “ground us, bind us and help us all feel connected”.
Scintillating alt, rock, folk, and new americana sensibilities emerge. And DD Allen’s lyrically emotive storytelling guitar band is in majestic form on the new recordings. There’s an odyssey in every line and a blindside in every verse. Switch off for a second, and you’ll miss the magic. But give these songs your attention, and the journey rewards you with incredible reliability.
“Soaring vocals, a fiery guitar tone, and big choruses”, according to Backseat Mafia. “Oozing confidence and direction, DD Allen is the real deal with an awesome stage presence,” hails The Dail Echo.
The influences are clear to hear, and there’s a hint that Allen could have been born on either side of the Atlantic. The raw folksy edge that earned an early career stage support slot on James Blunt’s Moon Landing Tour is still there. But the new music has a deeper purpose. There are no constraints. And it all sounds impressively more immense.

“DD Allen has a brilliant voice. It harks back to the period of great charismatic singers such as Dylan, Van Morrison, Neil Young and Leon Russell — those singers that you only needed to hear a few lines to know who they are.”

Stuart Epps ( Elton John, Robbie Williams, Led Zepplin)

There’s something exciting about DD Allen’s music. Sort of a cross between Jake Bugg and Neil Young with a great deal of honesty in his lyrics.

James Blunt